Lucent Live with LOLA, Sam Akpro and Milo Clare

On 17 October we’ll be showcasing three incredible live performers at Laylow from 7.30 pm onwards

After a brief stint away, our live showcase of rising UK musical talent is back, this time at Laylow, our new home in West London. On 17 October we’ll welcome an artist who pairs fantastical music with aesthetic opulence, a musician merging guitar with references from Bristol’s musical history and a vocalist whose melodic productions transport you to a soothing space.

Join us at Laylow from 7.30 pm onwards. Tickets available on DICE.


Pairing glittery pop with her opulent, dreamworld aesthetic, Lola’s artistry is fantastical and future-facing. Swirling synths and sparkling sound submerge audiences in the north-west Londoner’s live performances.⠀

Milo Clare

Milo Clare‘s music is layered and intricate. Placing delicate vocals over his own melodic productions, the north Londoner’s careful use of warm sounds and measured percussion create a soothing space.⠀

Sam Akpro

South London’s Sam Akpro blends dark, spacey sound with dreamy guitar chords and fragments from UK music canon to create his own imprint of lingering, industrial-leaning trip-hop.