London synth-punk band Powerplant show us how to have a good time in an analogue world

The four-member group take us on a twilight adventure

Words by Alice Nicolov
Photography by Joe Smith and Harry Boulter

East London synth-punk band Powerplant set out at dusk to shoot what they initially envisioned as a collection of images that would pay homage to Larry Sultan’s revered Evidence series. Instead, what they produced was nothing like Sultan’s work but rather a weird, joyful series entirely their own.

Shot by photographer Joe Smith, the black and white photographs capture the four members of the band playing together – swimming, climbing, covered in mud. It’s a photo story that documents what a good time looks like with Powerplant.

We asked Powerplant’s Theo Zhykharyev to give us an account of how the evening went. Here it is below:

We went out. A good day it was, in the woods that is. On a night like that you could hear the odd owl hoot and the the green bush shiver. There is a place we like to go by the water. There are many dogs there in the day. Good dogs.
But now it’s night and the water is not so warm, but hell the fish sure gotta know a thing or two, so we went in. The water – cold. Our spirits – high.
It’s good to hang out in a place where frogs reside. Green, sticky, big-eyed frogs. Not toads, no!
The pylon gives us power. As my grandma used to say, ‘A minute with the pylon – an hour out of your sleep’.