Lucent mix: PARADISE

The phantasmic DJ delivers a filmic, highly textured body of work he defines as the official soundtrack to 2019

Words by Alice Nicolov

Sometimes a mix comes along that stops you in your tracks. For us, this proffering by the faceless PARADISE is one such piece of work. Titled ‘HEART SWELLS’, this cinematic mix opens up drumless and with what its creator describes as “sunset preludes”. From there, it slides through galaxies where whole constellations and elements lurk. It asks you
“How do you feel?” then melts away as you open your mouth to answer.

Before working on how to present this mix, we spent time talking with its creator. The question for us was how could we invite listeners into this mix of moments that together build a whole? How could we keep it accessible and give every listener what they needed. Together with PARADISE we blueprinted a road map for ‘HEART SWELLS’. This route planner, dreamt up by the DJ, draws out, timestamps and titles segments of his mix. These titles, plucked from PARADISE’s own mind, take the listener’s hand to guide them through the myriad of blown-out sounds, loving moments and fragments of revered tracks curated by a DJ who dotes on his work.

Here, ‘HEART SWELLS’’ originator presents an opportunity for you to consume his work as you will. Dip in or swallow it down whole.



The city’s lights are on fire and the sun retreats to wash the sky in a coarse black. There’s no longer a rusting sunset of burnt bronze and hazy gold. Like panicked embers, any glimmer of stars dim into unfamiliarity. Summer’s clammy warmth clings onto our shoulders like a cold, dead arm. It’s no longer welcome here. Absence descends upon the horizon and the fumes of dying roses suffocate the air. An anxious crack begins to part above us and the sound of what’s been ignored shrieks from muffled faintness into pristine sirens. Tonight is an invitation for help, and this is a story of what it could be.

00:00 – 10:55

I wrote this poem without any words
I hope we speak the same language

10:55 – 25:02


25:02 – 38:37

(Don’t) Call My Phone

38:37 – 44:12

Washed Dusk

44:12 – 51:10

Heart Swell(ing)

51:10 – 1:05:11

‘I swear I’ll prosper’

1:05:11 – 1:07:13

Smile Now, Cry Later