Premiere: Distant With You Always

Lancashire three-piece Dream English Kid takes us on a train ride from Manchester to Preston in this poetic short film

Words by Alice Nicolov

In this short, self-directed film Preston-born band Dream English Kid traverse between old and new homes. Opening in Manchester’s tumultuous Oxford Road station, where the three band members now live, Distant With You Always is a monochromatic rumination on the meaning of home.

This journey between the two cities is one Dream English Kid have taken many times before, both together and alone. The train ride has become a permanent fixture in the life of the band, fading into the background and becoming ordinary. As they worked on this project, however, the three began to think differently about these hours they’ve spent travelling between Manchester and Preston. The railway line, seen through this new lens, has transformed into a thread that keeps Dream English Kid connected to their roots.

The film is an invitation into Dream English Kid’s world. A way to meet them in a place of their own. The film sweeps through the North West, soundtracked by fragments of conversation captured on the train set atop an original piano piece the band wrote and recorded at home. Seen through the eyes of the three, the images passing the window feel faintly familiar. Tall concrete buildings give way to glimpses of fields, rivers and bridges before closing out gently in Preston.

It’s an ode, really, to the influence that the landscape of the North West has on Dream English Kid. A presence that bleeds out into all that they do, whether that’s the merging of dark electronic sounds with fey piano chords, photography or film work. “That’s what Preston is for us as a collective and as individuals,” they muse. “We’re not always there but it’s always with us.”